Why you Should be Using Instagram Bots

Okay, Instagram bots and automation tools have attracted a fair share of controversy. Some quarters warn against using them while others recommend them. Well, bots aren’t necessarily bad, if you use them in moderation. In fact, here’s a rundown of why should start to use them.

Automation is Everywhere the Days

Think of it; wouldn’t it be such a nice thing to automate your emails, monthly payments, and groceries? The point is, it gets boring if you have to keep repeating tasks over and again. It is for this reason that automating things such as liking, commenting and following on Instagram makes perfect sense. Beside, bots make managing your Instagram account a lot easier.

Time is Gold

You don’t have the time to sit and follow, like, or post on Instagram all day. Even if you had the time, you need to work on other growth and marketing strategies. In short, automation tools and bots enable you to get the time you require to work on other things that will take your account to the next level. And the beauty of it is that bots work round the clock so some action will be going on in your Instagram account whether you log in or not.

Bots Can Increase Your  Followers

Yes. You can program your bots to search for users within your industry and auto-follow them. Also, they can follow back people who have followed you.  The point is; bots can help increase your reach and discover your potential customers. Sure, you may not get the engagement you need to drive organic followers in their droves, but you’ll undoubtedly position your brand in a way that makes it discoverable.

…you only need to work with the right bots and automation tools

As you may have guessed already, the market offers a collection of automation tools and bots. In essence, this means that have to decide which bots and tools to use. And, with all the choices available, it can get confusing. But, you can always check the best Instagram bots and tools to use at https://jonathonspire.com/best-instagram-bots/.

The Bottom Line

As stated, automation for Instagram works – you only need to know what you are doing. Note – using bots is very tempting but don’t overuse yours. Keep in mind that you want the activity going on in your account to look natural. By misusing your bots and tools, you will only increase your chances of getting banned for spammy behavior.

Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to grow your Instagram, and by extension, build your brand, you have to avoid common mistakes most marketers make. These include.

Not Increasing Your Followers

Sure, you may have accumulated 5,000 followers on Instagram, but that’s not enough. In fact, there’s no limit as to the number of followers you can get. So, be on the lookout for ways to grow your following, even when you don’t think it is necessary. Keep in mind that some followers may unfollow you, so be sure to replenish the numbers. Speaking of which, visit Income Artist to learn how to increase your followers on Instagram.

Using a Complicated Username

You don’t want people to struggle to memorize the name of your account. So, keep it simple. A good brand name should be easy to identify. More specifically, a potential follower should be able to look at your account name briefly and remember it in the future. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that you select a name that gives an idea of what your brand or product is all about. Even then, avoid generic names to make it easy for people to search you among thousands of competitors.

Failure to Identify Your Niche

Listen, you can have the best photos, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick a niche. In other words, you need to identify your target market. That way, you can create content that resonates with their needs. It also allows you to target a specific market that is likely to be interested in your product or service. So, stop being a generalist. The more you understand your niche, the easier it is for you to create a marketing strategy that will give you the results you’re hoping to get.

Failure to Post Great Content

Instagram is a visual social media platform. This is to say that the quality of your posts is essential. Always make sure that your images are great and attractive. Your posts should be informative and well thought out. Think of it as a way of creating a brand identity. The more unique and high quality of your content is, the easier it is for you to attract new followers.

The Bottom Line

Instagram can be a brilliant platform to showcase your brand and what it has to offer. Even then, you have to get the basics right from the get-go. The tips will help get you started.

Common Ways To Send Direct Messages on Instagram

You have probably used the direct message feature on Instagram before. Sending private messages to your followers is an amazing way to foster relationships on Instagram. There are various techniques through which you can message your followers either manually or through an automated service. If you are interested in learning how automated messaging works on Instagram, read How To Send Automated Direct Messages Online on Instagram – The Small Business Blog.

Let us look at some of the common direct messaging techniques.

Direct Messaging From the Home Screen

As you scroll through your Instagram feed, you may come across a post that is relevant to some of your followers and may want to message it to them. To do this, tap the message icon under the video or image that you want to share and select the username of the person you want to send the image to. In the popup field type any information you want to send alongside the post and click on send.

Direct Messaging From a Location or Hashtag

This method is awesome for travelers who love to share their location information with a group of people.  It allows you to send an entire hashtag or location page with a large audience. Navigate to the relevant page then tap the message icon on the top right corner of the page. Select the people you want to send the information to, enter an optional message and click on the send button. Individuals who love hosting events can use this technique to engage participants and raise their expectations ahead of the actual event.

Direct Messaging From the Inbox

You can easily send messages from your inbox by tapping the inbox icon on the upper right corner of your home feed and clicking on the plus sign that appears at the right-hand corner. Select from the drop-down list the username of the person you want to message and tap on the person’s icon. A window will open up where you need to upload your content or take a new shot with your camera. Once this is done you can click send to share the message.

Direct Messaging From Newly Uploaded Photos

From the Instagram app, select the new upload button, choose a photo from your gallery and tap next. If you need to edit the photo you can do so at this stage then hit the share button. Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the app and select Direct Message. Search or select the recipients and click send to share your photo.

Final Words

These techniques only work on the Instagram app. To be able to use them, ensure you have the app installed on your smartphone.

3 Solid Facts about Twitter Bots

Reaching out to a community of followers on Twitter is not always easy, especially if you’re starting out. If you have yet to lean on a personal reputation, most people’s default reaction to your presence is to ignore you completely.

While you may post the same kind of Tweets as your successful competitors, it’s unlikely that you’ll attain their level of success if you don’t “step up”.

Going to Twitter the old-fashioned way — without Twitter automation tools — is okay. Then again, is it really okay when there seems to be a better way?

Here some facts.

1 – Attracting New Followers Can Be Done Quickly

Do you know that you can attract a massive number of new followers quickly with the help of Twitter bots?

If you don’t, well now you do. Rather than cross your fingers for people to start following you, it’s better to have a plan in place.

You can use bots to attract new followers, gain new leads in a matter of seconds, and increase your account’s organic traffic.

To get started, sign up for one of the services that provide this offer. There are plenty of them out there!

2 – Geo-Targeting Is a Genius Marketing Approach

Then, there’s this feature that Twitter automation can help you with: geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting is a form of selective marketing, which is an effective marketing approach. It is the ability to market to a target audience.

Because you know these people are interested in your offer, marketing to a target audience is brilliant. It saves time — both yours and your followers.

So, if you want your Tweets to be read by Twitter users from a specific location, consider it done.

For example, the residents of Boise, Idaho are your target customers. To make them hear the noise you’re making on Twitter, use Twitter bots.

3 – Twitter Automation Tools Come with Benefits

As a way of backing up the above-mentioned facts, it’s safe to say that these automation tools come with benefits. On top of quickly attracting new followers and geo-targeting, its benefits extend to a significant improvement in productivity.

With Twitter bots, you can schedule your posts. You can also automate likes and retweets.

Examples of the best Twitter automation tools are Tweet Full, TweSocial, and Social Oomph. For more of the best Twitter bots, you may visit fredharrington.com.

The Final Say

Nowadays, living in a fast-paced world implies one message: step up.

If you step up by using the available Twitter automation tools as leverage, you can avoid getting left behind. More importantly, there’s a great chance that you’ll become a frontrunner in your category.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Industrial Printer

Industrial printers are not similar to other small printers that you can just wake up and decide to buy from your local electronics shop. These are the kind of investments that you take time to research, ask for expert advice and save money because they are not that cheap. You can either acquire one for personal use in your business or decide to render services to other people at a cost. Irrespective of your approach, you need to know different makes and their capabilities before you commit to buy one. The following are some of the important factors to consider when selecting an industrial printer.

    1. Your printing needs

How often do you print? Depending on your printing needs, you can decide to either buy, rent or even outsource the services to other businesses. If you need a printer to inscribe text on the packaging material, then buying one should be a priority. The initial cost of acquiring a printer might be high but you will feel its impact after using it for a long time. Just invest in a good printer and maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the recommended spares in case it breaks down and take it to a qualified technician for fixing.

    1. Compatibility with modern devices

You may not be in a position to acquire a new industrial printer after every six months because of their cost. The only way to ensure that you are not faced out is by acquiring a printer that is compatible with not only today’s technology but also that of the future. Some modern printers can print remotely as they are connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Evaluate the machines that you own at the moment to ensure that they can connect to your desired machine. Aim for a printer that you can use for more than three years without feeling faced out.

    1. The printing surface

In printing world, this surface is known as the substrate. There are different printers which are specifically made to fit varying printing needs. The machine that you use on a flat surface will be different from the one on a rugged surface. Have a look at some of the best Continuous Inkjet Printers, Industrial CIJ Systems • Needham Coding to understand the different makes in the market. The ink should also be safe to avoid contaminating your products. You should use safe ink on some sensitive products such as foods that are at a risk of contamination

The Best Martial Arts Techniques for Children

Martial art skills are necessary for a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. With a wide array of styles available today, some are more suited for children than others. In order to identify a style that suits your child, first identify what skills you want your child to acquire through the training. You may also need to assess the school which you want to take your child in terms of instructor qualification and the equipment used for training. Make sure you do some research before settling on an option that is most effective for your children.

Let us look at some of the best styles that may be suited for your child.


Karate is one of the most traditional and the most popular martial art styles. Your child will learn how to strike, kick and block an opponent using arms and legs. Karate is best suited for children because it does not involve the use of weapons. It also emphasizes on a full body workout that leads to great physical fitness.

Tae Kwon Do

Also one of the most popular options, tae kwon do develops self control skills in your child. It involves the use of punches, kicks and throws in self defence and your child may need protective gear to avoid getting hurt in the course of training. Tae Kwon Do is considered as one of the Olympic sports and children who are competitive enough can bring home some good medals.

Jiu Jitsu

Generally considered as a humble sport, Jiu Jitsu teaches your children how to defend themselves without having to strike the opponent. Your child learns how to pin attackers down without hurting them. Jiu Jitsu also teaches children to be more disciplined and may be ideal for bullies. Visit http://londonfightfactory.com/classes/kids-bjj-classes/ to learn more about this technique and what your child should expect in a Jiu Jitsu class.

Kung Fu

With Kung Fu training, your child is taught how to respect others and how to persevere in case of attack. This technique mainly focuses on balance and concentration. After the training, your child is able to strike easily when in close proximity with the attacker.


Just like Jiu Jitsu, Aikido is a non-aggressive form of martial arts that teaches your child to avoid confrontations. The technique discourages self defence and teaches children that fighting should only be a last resort when dealing with conflicts. It encourages children to remain calm in the case of a confrontation and makes them to visualise the outcome of their actions before engaging in them.

 In Conclusion

Besides acquiring new skills, your children will also make new friends as they attend martial arts classes. They will appreciate the importance of working with, and respecting others. As a parent, you are encouraged to accompany your children for their training sessions so that you may assess their progress.

How Smart Business Owners Increase Engagement On Their Instagram Posts

The one-on-one engagement from various social media platforms has made decision making fast and swift in the modern world. On top of connecting people and making the world a global village, social media is a strong marketing tool that is ruling the airwaves. On every social platform that you join, you shall find people selling products and promoting their brands to the outside world. Most people know acknowledge Instagram as an authority platform when it comes to marketing. The fact that you can post images, videos and audios with captions make it a good marketing platform. The following are effective tools on how to increase engagement.

    1. Get some brand ambassadors

Even though you can operate on a zero budget when it comes to marketing on social media, it will not be that effective like when you dedicate some amount to this function. Brand ambassadors can be your local celebs or someone with a good following on social media. You can agree on how you will pay for their services depending on the sector you operate in. You can give them free samples or access to your products for a given time. You can also barter services if it is possible in your specific niche.

    1. Follow and engage trendsetters

There is a new breed of people who command large followings on social media and they can be your ticket to fame. These are the kind of people who know what is trending and come up with captivating hashtags. Be among the first ones to comment on their posts and encourage other followers to check your posts. Ensure that you follow back those who follow you and like their posts as well. You just need a few trendsetters with a good reputation and you are good to go. Always remain professional when you are engaging people in these platforms.

    1. Automate

Unless you have the money to engage a fulltime employee on social media marketing, then automation is a necessity. You should find a balance between your social life and business if you want to lead a fruitful life. Getting likes and comments on your posts is one of the key ways of increasing your online credibility. You can check some cool ways through which you can get likes on your posts naturally. Check the comments you get once in a while to delete spam messages that might scare away other customers and harm your reputation.

Preparing Restaurant-quality Panini

If you have ever enjoyed a Panini from a restaurant, then you know how delicious it is. Many people sit at home desiring the sweet and delicious Panini they had in the restaurant, oblivious to the fact that they can prepare one from the comfort of their home.

In the first place, the Panini can range from a simple grilled sandwich to an elaborate one depending on your skills and needs. A simple one can be made of just bread and cheese, while an elaborate one can contain smoked salmon or anything like that. It can have just two or three ingredients or you can load it up with as many ingredients as possible.

The best thing is that a simple Panini still tastes as delicious as the elaborate one. Following some well-thought of recipes bring about the results you want.

If you have been keen enough, most of the Panini sold in shops are as a result of trial and error because they are prepared in bulk. The chance to make your own Panini allows you to put your entire mind into it to get the perfect results.

You Can Experiment

Have you ever eaten a Panini and thought to yourself “I wish it had this ingredient?” now you have a chance to get out of your comfort zone and make a Panini that suits your taste. You can always get a recipe from the internet and go ahead to try it out. Your family is willing to serve as guinea pigs when the opportunity arises. The world has seen a lot of groundbreaking recipes from people all over the world. If you let your taste buds and your imagination run wild, you might be the one with the next big idea in Panini preparation.

Is Grilling Necessary?

Although you don’t have to grill the Panini, it is usually better to do so under normal circumstances. The reason is that Panini, just like any other sandwiches, tends to fall apart easily, which can be a large problem on your part.

You can avoid the grilling part if you plan to eat the Panini immediately. However, if you plan to prepare for later consumption, you need to grill it. Visit Panini Perfect to get the right Panini press for your needs.


You can have the best Panini ever by getting out of your comfort zone and trying out the different expert recipes on the internet.

How to Protect Your System from Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the worst forms of malware. It is designed to install on your computer without your knowledge and permission.  Cybercriminals use ransomware to encrypt your programs and files and demand for a ransom. There is never a guarantee, however, that you will get the files back after you pay the ransom.

Ransomware can get into your computer through vulnerable software as well as tactics engineered by cyber criminals such as spam email links and websites. It then spreads to external hard drives, network folders, and cloud storage. There are several things you can do to protect your computer from ransomware and other harmful malware.

Back Up Your Data

Regular backup of your data to external media and cloud storage gives you a chance to go back to old files whenever your files are infected. Set up a system restore point to enable you to recover any data lost to a ransomware attack.

Create Awareness for Your Team

You need to inform your end users about the modes of attack, especially SPAM links and phishing. Most ransomware attacks occur because an informed member of a network clicked on a suspicious link or downloaded an attachment that looked ordinary. By creating awareness, users will be careful about opening such links and this may minimize the risk of being taken ransom. If you receive an email that has .exe files as attachments, do not open such as they are malware applications.

Work With Security Experts

In case of a ransomware attack, do not hesitate to seek the help of IT security experts such as Amazing Support. Such companies help you to stop the attack before it completely damages your system. Always be on the lookout for symptoms of attack such as system hangs, slow processor speeds, and unwanted applications.

Install a Reliable Security Program

A good anti-malware program is able to block malicious links, email attachments and websites. Get a program that can detect and block ransomware from the initial stage. If possible, invest in firewall protection to completely be sure that you are on the safe side.

Update Your System

Most cybercriminals target systems that are old and outdated. You need to keep updating your operating system and applications and avoid downloading pirated software which may contain malicious content.


Once you realize that you are infected by ransomware, disconnect your computer from the network to prevent further access by the ransomware servers. This will also prevent the malware from spreading to other users in your network. Scan your machine to remove the ransomware and delete any encrypted files before reconnecting to the network.

Dog Crates 1

You may be considering getting a crate for your dog, however, there are a lot of different dog crates to choose from. How do you know which one would be the best choice for your dog?

Checking reviews of dog crates will give you a lot of information so you can make an informed choice. A very good and up to date guide, Best Dog Crates – Reviews & Buyers Guide (2018) – Selected Best will give you a lot of guidance.

There are many different considerations before you settle on a specific crate.

Size of Crate.

The crate should be large enough for your dog to move around and turn. If your dog is still a puppy, buy a cage suitable for the size she will become so you don’t have to buy more than one crate.

Material of Crate.

Dog crates, or cages, come in a variety of materials.

    • Metal wires. These are generally easy to fold and store. They are difficult for your dog to chew their way out of. They provide all-round vision for your dog. This may not be a good thing if your dog is liable to whine when they can see you. Wire crates are sturdy and will last for years. They have more ventilation which may be a consideration in warmer climates. There are usually more sizes available in wire crates than those made from other materials.
    • Fabric. These are quieter when your dog turns around. They are more comfortable for your dog and your dog will probably get used to it quite quickly. They are normally a mix of solid fabric and netted areas for ventilation. Fabric cages are available with 3 doors so it is easy for your dog to get in and out. They often have pockets which may be useful. These are generally warmer than wire cages.
    • Wooden. There are a few wooden crates available but these seem more a piece of furniture than a functional crate. These are not used for travel.

Maintenance of Crate.

How easy is it to clean or wash your choice of crate? Fabric ones can usually be machine washed. Wire crates with a plastic base can be washed out.

Storage of Crate.

If your crate will not be up and used all the time, you will need to consider how easy a crate is to put up, take down, and store. Both wire and fabric cages are easy on all counts.

Manoeuvrability of Crate.

You need to consider how easy it is to move the crate, whether your dog is inside or it is empty.

There are many aspects you need to consider before buying a crate. You are looking for a crate that will suit both you and your dog so it is important that you do your research and make your choice wisely.