Types of Perfumes

Different perfumes have different types of fragrances, which eventually determine how you apply a particular perfume. Like any product, each perfume has its share of benefits and downsides. When you shop for perfumes, it is important to know that many companies and perfume designers use perfume names differently. For example, one companies perfume can be another manufacturer’s cologne. It is advisable to check the perfume’s description as well as the guidelines for use from the manufacturer.

Solid fragrance

These fragrances are wax or petroleum-based. They often come in tiny, travel-size tins. They are solid at room temperature, making it easy to travel with them, as they do not spill or leak. In many cases, solid perfumes are made from natural ingredients. This makes them suitable for users who are allergic to other forms of fragrances.

On application, rub solid perfumes gently on the skin or on pulse points. They are organic, gentle, and perfect for delicate parts such as the neck or the skin around the wrists. However, because of their solid nature, these perfumes may leave a bit of residue after application so you should not apply them near clothing.

Oil fragrance

Similar to solids, oil perfumes are also natural and organic. Designers use alcohol or other ingredients to dilute the scented oils. These perfumes are available in small vials. Their scents linger on the skin for a long time. On application, you can simply dab an oil perfume on pulse points. Usually, it works best if you use an applicator. Before you choose a particular fragrance, it is important to understand every point about it.

After- shave perfumes

It is possible to use fragrances as an aftershave. This is applicable for both men and women. All the same, aftershaves have their limitations. For example, based on their design, they can tighten up the skin pores to avoid razor burn and to provide a soothing effect. Their scents are quite strong but last only a short time. When choosing an aftershave fragrance, it is advisable to consider quality and its tenderness on your skin, rather than the fragrance part.

On the other hand, if you plan to use another fragrance after applying the aftershave, you should ensure that the aftershave fragrance has dissipated. Alternatively, you could use a fragrance that complements the aftershave. This is important to avoid mixing up of scents. Abreast with these tips, you could easily pick the best fragrance for your skin.

Top-eight the best games for an old school console.

Whether you had all types of consoles from 8-bit to 64-bit? Do you remember how cool it was?  Now, of course, it is difficult to remember all games which it was possible to play in those days. But if you play at least one of them you will remember the feeling which was quite sensible at the time of your youth. In this article, you will find the most remembered games that brought tons of positive emotions to the millions of people. Here are eight the best old school games for consoles.

1) Battle city. This game was released for 8-bit consoles. It was one of the best games of its day.

2) Castlevania. This one was also released for 8-bit. Do you remember the Grim reaper on the fourth level? This level was a real examination. But those who passed that fateful level experienced a lot of positive emotions and passed the whole game.

3) Aladdin. As you may know, this game was available on Sega Mega drive. This game had the most unbelievable graphics of its time. The most of the gamers have passed this game more than 100 hundred times. Despite that, it always brought a lot of pleasure.

4) Shinobi 3. Another Sega Mega drive game. The ninja anthem was very popular at that time. Here were not only ninjas but also very futuristic evil.

5) Teenage mutant’s ninja turtle 3. This game was released for 8-bit consoles. One of the best games that were available for Dendy console. There were a lot of versions of cartridge with this game. Do you remember the great fight against Shredder on the techno dome level? Only the best gamer was able to pass this extremely difficult level. But the one who does was very pleased.

6) Battle toads. This game was released for 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. The main feature of this game was the huge amount of different levels and unbelievable comic-style kicks.

7) Killer instinct and Mortal Kombat (all versions). Those games are united, as they both were top games, they both allow to play with your friend and they have a plenty of great kicks combinations and finishing’s

8) Donkey Kong country – first two versions. This game was released for 16-bit consoles. This game had an open and unbelievable world, to which there was always a wish to return over and over again. And the search of secrets opened the new bricks of this game. In addition, this game had a top level graphics at that time, so it was another plus.

Redheads’ Secrets in Bringing Out the Best Out of Red Lipstick

If you are a redhead and you have been playing by the “rules” that restrict the way you use lipstick, it is time to stop and layer it bold. One way to get amazing lipstick color that won’t clash with your hair is to take some cues from experts. You might not find a single most shade of lipstick that works for you, but there are guidelines that can give you the best shade of red.

Don’t Go For Matching

You shouldn’t attempt to match your red hair color with the lipstick because one will overpower the other. Instead, pick a red color that has a richer hue and intensity so that it can stand out. If you are fair skinned, try a bright red lipstick. On the other hand, if you are dark in complexion, apply a red color but loaded with rich pigments.

Go Easy on Your Eyes

You need to balance the red lipstick with the makeup around your eyes. So, make sure you don’t overdo it when it comes to the eyes. Instead, choose pearl, beige or champagne eye shadow to complement the lipstick color. Mascara will help define your eyes so that they aren’t weighed down in the whole mix. Don’t go for black, which can a bit harsh on you. Throw in a tad bit of blush in the same color as your lipstick and you are set to rock the day. Well, you want your lips to be the highlight of the show, so go easy on the competitors! Read on different ways to define your lips by checking out Lovely Lips.

Neutral Does It

When looking for the best outfit to match with the lipstick, go for neutral colors. This avoids color clashing that can spoil even the easiest of days.

Some Red Lipsticks to Experiment With

There are so many red lipsticks you can start with, but know that the perfect lipstick color will complement your look, leaving your face glowing. Here are the top shades for you:

  • MAC – choose the popular red color or go for Ruby Woo, which gives you a blue-red tone. If this doesn’t suit you, try Stylish that is more orangey-red. The Russian red gives a warmer shade.
  • Rimmel – choose the diva red to suit your cooler skin tone.
  • Llamasqua – offers a highly pigmented red shade.


Make sure you analyze the way you look before making the final decision on which shade of red to apply. Your hair color and skin tone play a large role in this decision.