Different types of office chairs and their uses

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A chair is the most important essential in an office. No work is possible without chairs in an office. A chair not only provides the facility of sitting but is also provides proper kind of environment in an office, Selecting chairs for your office is quite a creative task and proper research should be made before selecting chairs for office purpose.  A chair should be chosen keeping in mind the comfort and back height aspect.

Chairs that are made for office purpose only are quite costly because they are made of plastic and rubber materials. These chairs therefore, should be purchased in bulk from a reliable dealer who provides certain amount of discount to the office owner. Investing in right kind of office chairs is quite important and it should be ensured that the chair has something for everyone i.e., it should be able to provide comfort to employees of all ages.

Types of office chairs and the purpose they fulfill

Ergonomics chair – this is mostly used by individuals who want ultimate comfort and relaxation while staying in office.  An ergonomic chair is suitable for those who suffer from back or neck problems. This chair is made in a way that provides proper cushion to the back. The chair is most comfortable among all types of chairs and is used for long sittings.

Mesh chairs – A mesh chair is normally used by employees in an organization. Mesh chairs are made up of material which uses net like fabric. This fabric helps in absorbing the heat and helps in providing you with sitting for longer durations.  The fabric used in this chair is good for ventilation and this is the reason that has made this kind of chair popular in offices.

Executive chairs – An executive chair is quite comfortable and is made up of materials which are quite comfortable and provide highest amount of cushion. These chairs come up with special wheel base and can be moved in any direction when needed.  These chairs provide proper padding on the arms of the chair and can be adjusted backward or frontward using the levers. This kind of chair is quite expensive and is mainly used by executives in an organization.

Conference chairs – This type of chair is most suitable for meetings and conference. This chair is made using simple technique and provides a straight back positioning which ensures that attention is fully devoted to meeting. This kind of chair is quite broad in shape and gives the person comfort and spacing.

Chairs are the most important furniture in an office and proper selection should be done for different types of chairs that suit different work and occasions. A chair is quite a handy investment as it is directly related to the productivity of the office staff.