How Smart Business Owners Increase Engagement On Their Instagram Posts

Blog Apr 30, 2018 No Comments

The one-on-one engagement from various social media platforms has made decision making fast and swift in the modern world. On top of connecting people and making the world a global village, social media is a strong marketing tool that is ruling the airwaves. On every social platform that you join, you shall find people selling products and promoting their brands to the outside world. Most people know acknowledge Instagram as an authority platform when it comes to marketing. The fact that you can post images, videos and audios with captions make it a good marketing platform. The following are effective tools on how to increase engagement.

    1. Get some brand ambassadors

Even though you can operate on a zero budget when it comes to marketing on social media, it will not be that effective like when you dedicate some amount to this function. Brand ambassadors can be your local celebs or someone with a good following on social media. You can agree on how you will pay for their services depending on the sector you operate in. You can give them free samples or access to your products for a given time. You can also barter services if it is possible in your specific niche.

    1. Follow and engage trendsetters

There is a new breed of people who command large followings on social media and they can be your ticket to fame. These are the kind of people who know what is trending and come up with captivating hashtags. Be among the first ones to comment on their posts and encourage other followers to check your posts. Ensure that you follow back those who follow you and like their posts as well. You just need a few trendsetters with a good reputation and you are good to go. Always remain professional when you are engaging people in these platforms.

    1. Automate

Unless you have the money to engage a fulltime employee on social media marketing, then automation is a necessity. You should find a balance between your social life and business if you want to lead a fruitful life. Getting likes and comments on your posts is one of the key ways of increasing your online credibility. You can check some cool ways through which you can get likes on your posts naturally. Check the comments you get once in a while to delete spam messages that might scare away other customers and harm your reputation.