Should You Take Creatine Pre or Post Workout?

Fitness Feb 03, 2019 No Comments

Creatine, a popular workout supplement, is known to have an assortment of science-backed benefits ranging from boosting strength to enhancing productivity and building muscle. The results of a study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition suggest that taking this product during training could help achieve the expected outcome faster.

However, the question remains. When should you take creatine? Should you take it before or after workouts? According to fitness experts, your goals “sort of” determine when you should take use the supplement. Here’s what you should know;

It Can Help Quicken Results

Creatine boosts the energy levels. Thus, it increases the endurance of your muscles. It, therefore, makes sense taking it before workouts if you want to do more reps and ensure that your muscles grow bigger, fast.

Those who recommend using this supplement before workout say that it is most effective when taken 60 minutes before activity. Doing so give the body the time it needs to absorb the product and supply you with the energy you need to work out.

Even Then, you Need to be Careful

Creatine may cause discomforts if you use it before workouts. There have been reported cases where users have suffered from nausea, increased blood pressure and muscle cramps as well as vomiting. Such side effects will significantly interfere with your workouts.

Besides, using the supplement before workouts causes the muscles to drain water from other parts of the body. Of course, you will grow muscles, but on the flip side, your body suffers dehydration. So, be sure to drinks lots of water if you’re going to use it before working out.

Combine it With Other Products

Consider using creatine alongside other ingredients to make it more efficient. That way, your body will absorb the active ingredients from the product faster. Also, when taken together with a post workout meal, the supplement not only increases the levels of energy but also spikes insulin.

The Bottom Line

While taking creatine after a workout is beneficial, you must use it within 5 hours after activities. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the benefits. Experts recommend that you take it soon after finishing the last set.

One more thing – be mindful where you buy your workout supplement. Of course, safe online shopping involves taking precautions to avoid getting scammed. Besides, there’s always a risk that you might end up spending your cash on an unsafe product.