The Best Martial Arts Techniques for Children

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Martial art skills are necessary for a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. With a wide array of styles available today, some are more suited for children than others. In order to identify a style that suits your child, first identify what skills you want your child to acquire through the training. You may also need to assess the school which you want to take your child in terms of instructor qualification and the equipment used for training. Make sure you do some research before settling on an option that is most effective for your children.

Let us look at some of the best styles that may be suited for your child.


Karate is one of the most traditional and the most popular martial art styles. Your child will learn how to strike, kick and block an opponent using arms and legs. Karate is best suited for children because it does not involve the use of weapons. It also emphasizes on a full body workout that leads to great physical fitness.

Tae Kwon Do

Also one of the most popular options, tae kwon do develops self control skills in your child. It involves the use of punches, kicks and throws in self defence and your child may need protective gear to avoid getting hurt in the course of training. Tae Kwon Do is considered as one of the Olympic sports and children who are competitive enough can bring home some good medals.

Jiu Jitsu

Generally considered as a humble sport, Jiu Jitsu teaches your children how to defend themselves without having to strike the opponent. Your child learns how to pin attackers down without hurting them. Jiu Jitsu also teaches children to be more disciplined and may be ideal for bullies. Visit to learn more about this technique and what your child should expect in a Jiu Jitsu class.

Kung Fu

With Kung Fu training, your child is taught how to respect others and how to persevere in case of attack. This technique mainly focuses on balance and concentration. After the training, your child is able to strike easily when in close proximity with the attacker.


Just like Jiu Jitsu, Aikido is a non-aggressive form of martial arts that teaches your child to avoid confrontations. The technique discourages self defence and teaches children that fighting should only be a last resort when dealing with conflicts. It encourages children to remain calm in the case of a confrontation and makes them to visualise the outcome of their actions before engaging in them.

 In Conclusion

Besides acquiring new skills, your children will also make new friends as they attend martial arts classes. They will appreciate the importance of working with, and respecting others. As a parent, you are encouraged to accompany your children for their training sessions so that you may assess their progress.