Tips to Double Your Engagement on Instagram

Gov Oct 02, 2019 No Comments

As your business grows, you need to get more Instagram followers and engage them at a higher level than before. Today we look at various tips to grow your engagement levels.

Post Regularly

Studies show that the number of posts per day determines the level of engagement you receive. Many people think that the more they post the more reactions they get from their users – wrong! Instagram currently uses an algorithm that allows your content to stay relevant for longer, meaning that you don’t have to post more frequently to get the level of engagement you desire.

If you post severally each day, your posts end up competing with each other on user feeds. Both end up having poor engagement.

Instead of going to another post, use Instagram tools stories to build your engagement level. The stories can expose you to more features and filters, increasing the performance of your posts as well.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to posting content, you need to optimize on timing. Post at the optimal time so that a wave of engagement kicks off the post immediately. Take time to understand the demographics you are targeting and know when they go online. The ideal times to post are in the morning between 8 am and 9 am, at lunchtime between noon and 1 pm, and in the evening from 6 pm and 8 pm. You can use a bot to schedule these posts. Check out to find out what such a bot can do for you.

Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags make you visible. Your demographics look for you using the hashtags you attach to your posts. Understand the kind of hashtags that appeal to your audience and use them in your content to get more followers.

You have a limit of 30 hashtags every time. Instagram also abhors the use of spammy hashtags such as the ones that request other people to follow you so that you can follow them back. You can browse your audience posts and see what hashtags they follow and then incorporate them into your content.

Add Calls to Action

One of the biggest challenges is to make users click on a link or perform a specific action you want. You need to structure your captions in such a way that your users can like or leave a comment.

In Conclusion

One of the issues that plague marketers is finding the right way to increase levels of engagement. Follow these tips to double your engagement levels on Instagram.