Top-eight the best games for an old school console.

Gov Feb 10, 2017 No Comments

Whether you had all types of consoles from 8-bit to 64-bit? Do you remember how cool it was?  Now, of course, it is difficult to remember all games which it was possible to play in those days. But if you play at least one of them you will remember the feeling which was quite sensible at the time of your youth. In this article, you will find the most remembered games that brought tons of positive emotions to the millions of people. Here are eight the best old school games for consoles.

1) Battle city. This game was released for 8-bit consoles. It was one of the best games of its day.

2) Castlevania. This one was also released for 8-bit. Do you remember the Grim reaper on the fourth level? This level was a real examination. But those who passed that fateful level experienced a lot of positive emotions and passed the whole game.

3) Aladdin. As you may know, this game was available on Sega Mega drive. This game had the most unbelievable graphics of its time. The most of the gamers have passed this game more than 100 hundred times. Despite that, it always brought a lot of pleasure.

4) Shinobi 3. Another Sega Mega drive game. The ninja anthem was very popular at that time. Here were not only ninjas but also very futuristic evil.

5) Teenage mutant’s ninja turtle 3. This game was released for 8-bit consoles. One of the best games that were available for Dendy console. There were a lot of versions of cartridge with this game. Do you remember the great fight against Shredder on the techno dome level? Only the best gamer was able to pass this extremely difficult level. But the one who does was very pleased.

6) Battle toads. This game was released for 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. The main feature of this game was the huge amount of different levels and unbelievable comic-style kicks.

7) Killer instinct and Mortal Kombat (all versions). Those games are united, as they both were top games, they both allow to play with your friend and they have a plenty of great kicks combinations and finishing’s

8) Donkey Kong country – first two versions. This game was released for 16-bit consoles. This game had an open and unbelievable world, to which there was always a wish to return over and over again. And the search of secrets opened the new bricks of this game. In addition, this game had a top level graphics at that time, so it was another plus.