Why you Should be Using Instagram Bots

Blog Sep 18, 2018 No Comments

Okay, Instagram bots and automation tools have attracted a fair share of controversy. Some quarters warn against using them while others recommend them. Well, bots aren’t necessarily bad, if you use them in moderation. In fact, here’s a rundown of why should start to use them.

Automation is Everywhere the Days

Think of it; wouldn’t it be such a nice thing to automate your emails, monthly payments, and groceries? The point is, it gets boring if you have to keep repeating tasks over and again. It is for this reason that automating things such as liking, commenting and following on Instagram makes perfect sense. Beside, bots make managing your Instagram account a lot easier.

Time is Gold

You don’t have the time to sit and follow, like, or post on Instagram all day. Even if you had the time, you need to work on other growth and marketing strategies. In short, automation tools and bots enable you to get the time you require to work on other things that will take your account to the next level. And the beauty of it is that bots work round the clock so some action will be going on in your Instagram account whether you log in or not.

Bots Can Increase Your  Followers

Yes. You can program your bots to search for users within your industry and auto-follow them. Also, they can follow back people who have followed you.  The point is; bots can help increase your reach and discover your potential customers. Sure, you may not get the engagement you need to drive organic followers in their droves, but you’ll undoubtedly position your brand in a way that makes it discoverable.

…you only need to work with the right bots and automation tools

As you may have guessed already, the market offers a collection of automation tools and bots. In essence, this means that have to decide which bots and tools to use. And, with all the choices available, it can get confusing. But, you can always check the best Instagram bots and tools to use at https://jonathonspire.com/best-instagram-bots/.

The Bottom Line

As stated, automation for Instagram works – you only need to know what you are doing. Note – using bots is very tempting but don’t overuse yours. Keep in mind that you want the activity going on in your account to look natural. By misusing your bots and tools, you will only increase your chances of getting banned for spammy behavior.